Optimization Studies

ProPipe knows the importance that each process has to the production of our clients, so it’s fundamental that each one operates optimally and without stopping.

Thanks to our experienced professionals we always offer to our clients to improve their productive processes so they minimize production times and reduce associated costs.
Process Optimization Studies

ProPipe has developed diverse process optimization projects in the mining industry, specifically in the mineral processing area, for that we have added value to the process so these are more efficient.

Fault Analysis

ProPipe knows that an equipment or structure failure can generate huge damage to the company and among this can provoke accidents that impact personnel, production paralyzation, material damage or contamination. So we want our clients to reduce all risk, for that our professionals are capable of making fault analysis.

Benefits provided by making Process Optimization and Fault Analysis Studies:
  • Operators safety
  • Decreasing in repair time
  • Increasing in equipment availability
  • Reduce processing
  • Reducing fault frequency
  • Decreasing in equipment fault costs
  • Greater efficiency of process and equipments
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