Multidisciplinary Engineering

ProPipe stands out in offering multidisciplinary engineering projects and services for the mining industry, focused on mining processes as water adductions, sea water catchment and impulsion, leaching plants, concentrator plants, chemical plants, pipelines, tailings management and disposal, among others.

As a strategic engineering partner, we provide our clients engineering services for different types of scales and complexity, always secure and profitably, as well as with agility, flexibility and with a large answer capacity.
  • EJECUCIÓN: Diseño detallado para construcción, gestión de adquisiciones, administración de la construcción y precomisionamiento, comisionamiento y puesta en servicio.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Conceptual studies, prefeasibility and design options studies, and plants modification.
  • SELECTION: Assessment studies and alternative selections (Trade Off), preliminary feasibility studies (PFS) and estimated investment costs.
  • DEFINITION: Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS), processes simulation, CAPEX and OPEX estimation, technical specifications for purchasing, and supply technical assessment and link engineering.
  • EXECUTION: Detailed design for construction, purchasing management, construction and pre-commissioning management, commissioning and service start up.
Processes Engineering

Our technical experience in processes engineering includes mineral processing plants design and development, plants performance assessment, dangerous areas classification and processes security for technical studies, workshops, operative support and training.

CAPEX and OPEX minimization

ProPipe’s projects always have a practical and adequate focus for project’s design and execution. This is primordial to minimize costs and maximize performance of the processes. Our team has the necessary competences to boost the practical design of construction, operability, maintainability and security.

Engineering Disciplines

ProPipe offers a full range of engineering and drawing disciplines that include the areas of Piping Mechanics, Hydraulics and Processes, Structura Civil, and Electricity & Instrumentation. We have great experience delivering multidisciplinary projects, highlighting disciplines integration and interdisciplinary verification, as well as delivering one discipline projects.

Structural Civil Discipline

ProPipe has a great design, civil and structural engineering capacity, focused in the facilities for mineral processing plants, together with its associated support infrastructure. Some of our Structural Civil Engineering experiences are:

  • Steel design, concrete structures and foundation systems, including process, storage and public services facilities.
  • Structural steel design and analysis (static and dynamic).
  • Existant structures assessment, structural integrity verification and engineering
  • Report and design for structural repairs to existing structures.
  • Existing structures updating to adapt load changes.
  • Earthquake resistant structures design and updating.
Piping Mechanics Discipline

ProPipe has great experience providing solutions and Piping Mechanics Engineering, focused in processing plant designs, facilities and public services. We have a solid trajectory in lines design and water and fluids transportation substations. Some of our Piping Mechanics Engineering experiences are:

  • Concentrate and tailings transportation systems design.
  • Hydraulic studies of alternative paths.
  • Pass pipes drawings.
  • Sea water impulsion system.
  • Sulfuric acid impulsion system.
  • Water supply system design.
  • Mining pipeline modification.
  • Dissipating stations design and modification.
  • Stand-By mining pipelines installation engineering.
  • Valve stations design.
Hydraulic and Processes Discipline

ProPipe has an experienced team in Hydraulic and Processes projects, focused in mineral processing circuits as leaching plants, water treatment plants, tailings dam, among others. Some of our Hydraulic and Processes Engineering experiences are:

  • Tailings impulsion system design.
  • Tailings transportation systems design through pipelines.
  • Tailings distribution and deposit studies (Spigots).
  • Recovered water catchment and impulsion system design.
  • Wells curtains design to recover dam infiltrations.
  • Tailings classification systems design – sand and slats.
  • Dam growth wall design – stability studies.
  • Palisades design for dam walls.
  • TAS plants design and optimization.
  • RO feeding plant systems design.
Electricity & Instrumentation Discipline

ProPipe has a great team with experience in electricity & instrumentation for the mining industry. Delivering optimal solutions for electrical lines and substations. Some of our Electricity and Instrumentation Discipline are:

  • High voltage lines design.
  • Electric substation design.
  • Path shift and relocation as a result of mine expansion.
  • Buried and aerial lines.
  • Optical fiber path.
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