At ProPipe we provide to our clients engineering services and solutions for electric and instrumentation systems. In each project we focus on bringing security and profitability to our clients, so the projects meet the rules or established security codes and requested requirements of the clients. Our projects stand out because of high quality standards.

At ProPipe we have experience and we’re known for delivering the best solutions and projects in the electric and instrumentation scope. Our project portfolio covers mining projects, mineral processing plants, water and fluids transportation, public infrastructure, among others.

Our company possesses an electrical and instrumentation discipline shaped by a solid professional team with great experience in this industry. Focusing on profitability, performance and compliance of your business, our capacities include electric systems design, energetic systems modeling, protection design and tests, light and land start up systems design, instrumentation and all services that require installation, service start up and maintenance.
Among some of our specialization areas in electrical and instrumentations systems there are the following services:
  • Electric systems design
  • Electric energy systems modeling
  • Advanced protection systems
  • Dangerous areas classification
  • Electric equipment studies for dangerous areas
  • Electric distribution infrastructure
  • Plant instrumentation design
  • Compliance inspections, manufacturing surveillance and location of manufactured
    equipments abroad
  • Land start up design, protection against ray and electrostatic control
  • Transmission underground infrastructure and high voltage communication
  • Optimization studies, viability and installation total cost estimation
  • Installation support, service start up and operations
  • Instrumentation and electrical specialized training
  • Cathodic protection system design
  • Regulatory services
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