Assets Structural Integrity

At ProPipe we generate better efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity of our clients operations. We have a multidisciplinary team with experience and knowledge needed to add value to our clients’ assets, specifically in the mining industry, making the mining and processing equipment maximize their value.
Some of our services:
Performance consulting

Our performance consulting services offer innovative solutions to the most important commercial challenges while we manage associate risk. We identify opportunities and define a route to help you improve gaining more value of your assets.


Our maintenance and reliability engineering services guarantee your equipment and systems stay optimized to achieve the operative performance desired.

Assets integrity

We help you manage risk by ensuring that your assets function safely and meet the required standards. We establish inspection programs, plan and manage inspections, evaluate and make recommendations.

Equipment stops

Our equipment stops management services guarantee that your regulatory inspections, maintenance of capital works projects are made safely, profitable, and within deadlines.

Planification and strategy

We know the equipment our clients use are essential for their operations, and that planning maintenance, works or location changes are fundamental in order for the operative system to continue working successfully, as well as making them strategically and smartly.

Operational availability

Our operation availability services adopt the principles of the best practices to guarantee a smooth and profitable transition to the full operational phase. These services and solutions involve needs identification, risk, strategic planification, and tactic answers required to develop and implement procedures, systems and tools in the work space for the success operation and maintenance of new or improved plant equipment.

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