About Us

ProPipe S.A. We have been providing experience in over 15 years in
Projects Development and Execution, Operation and Technology Assistance.


ProPipe S.A. a Chilean company, mining manager engineering specialized in integral solutions. We develop fluid transport projects and most varied mining processes optimize. In addition, we provide diagnostic studies and operating failure systems analysis and provide management advice, projects construction and start-up, always maintaining high quality standards. Our company also continually search for new technologies to improve the industry, environment care and ensure workers health.


To be recognized as engineering services and project management leading company, delivering technical excellence services and developing contribute to sustainable development projects to our Clients and communities where they are inserted, working competitively and achieving a high level satisfaction of our customers.


Company Vision
Being close to our customers, knowing their production processes, to anticipate their needs and deliver tools that solve their problems as well as resources optimizing, thus achieving a highly competitive product in our area.


Our history

Propipe S.A. was founded in Antofagasta in 2003, and was born with the objective of efficiently and comprehensively responding to the mining industry needs, which was and continues be a key sector for our nation development. From the beginning, highest level specialists came together to give life and prestige to this company. Our first important project carried out was the Monturaqui Water Supply System Optimization, for Minera Escondida, since then, national and international companies have relied on our Company service. We are PROPIPE S.A.

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ProPipe S.A. belongs to the Association of Engineering Consulting Firms of Chile A.G. 
ProPipe S.A. ISO 9001:2008 certified company


  • Víctor Araya Borquez
    Executive Director & Mechanical Civil Engineer
  • Marco Antonio Cortés
    Executive Director & Mechanical Civil Engineer
  • Javier Guzmán Ovando
    Executive Director & Mechanical Civil Engineer